The Narrative of Landing on Mars

My favorite part of this (besides the overwrought music) is the pre-determinism wired into the build of the craft due to the fact that signal communications between Earth and Mars take fourteen minutes. Operators simply cannot instruct the craft to respond to anything in a timely fashion.

And the fact that it’s all true.

Ferrofluid Dynamics

For your morning procrastination, another heavenly video of ferrofluids in action, revealing unseen magnetic fields.

Now git to work.

In Which Tiny Bugs Save the World

What sci-fi writer would not love to pitch a story with something like the opening paragraph from this NYT’s piece:

In the menagerie of Craig Venter’s imagination, tiny bugs will save the world. They will be custom bugs, designer bugs — bugs that only Venter can create. He will mix them up in his private laboratory from bits and pieces of DNA, and then he will release them into the air and the water, into smokestacks and oil spills, hospitals and factories and your house. Each of the bugs will have a mission.

Once again, reality stealing our fiction.