I Certainly Didn’t Mean to Do That

Was planning a good writing day today. Ready to go and at the desk at 9am. Booted up computer and immediately spilled coffee, perfectly nailing my keyboard in the most complete way. Goodbye, workday. Hello, futile keyboard disassembly and cleaning followed by trip to the Apple store (which has become over the years some kind of formless commerce hive that now sort of gives me the creeps).

I know plenty of others have gone before me in this yet I’m still trying to figure what my brain did to so perfectly launch my coffee cup. And why.

Aural Darwinism

An interesting study on social selection creating harmony from chaos. Just click the play button.

Now git to work.

Ferrofluid Dynamics

For your morning procrastination, another heavenly video of ferrofluids in action, revealing unseen magnetic fields.

Now git to work.