The Narrative of Landing on Mars

My favorite part of this (besides the overwrought music) is the pre-determinism wired into the build of the craft due to the fact that signal communications between Earth and Mars take fourteen minutes. Operators simply cannot instruct the craft to respond to anything in a timely fashion.

And the fact that it’s all true.

Aural Darwinism

An interesting study on social selection creating harmony from chaos. Just click the play button.

Now git to work.

Back to the City…

…after two and a half weeks in the data deprived suburbs. It’s good to be home! Had the wonderful, ahem, adventure of overseeing my mother’s bathroom renovation during which we discovered multiple electrical fire hazards and daylight coming through her roof into parts of the house it most definitely should not. The sad part of this is these conditions existed because the house is old. And it was created one year before I was.