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Nov 12


The composer Henryk Gorecki who gave us the absolutely awesome Symphony #3 died today. I first heard Gorecki in the film “Fearless” by Peter Weir. (A director I’ve always loved because he always makes the biggest moments in his stories purely cinematic and dialogue free.) I don’t know what other music could have captured the feeling and delicacy of Jeff Bridges’ experience of being between life and death better than Gorecki. It’s still awesome.

This is something a man, no matter how much in love, ever says to a woman. (Trust me.) But everyone’s brain is gorgeous.

Carl Schoonover, who is a Columbia University student hoping to shortly become Dr. Carl Schoonover, curates a cool book of images of the brain that have never been compiled in one place before, Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century. Children of all ages can appreciate a good picture book.

I wonder if dark and ugly thoughts look any different than thoughts of unicorns. I bet they do.

This, BTW, is a hippocampus which helps us all with long-term memory and spatial navigation.