The composer Henryk Gorecki who gave us the absolutely awesome Symphony #3 died today. I first heard Gorecki in the film “Fearless” by Peter Weir. (A director I’ve always loved because he always makes the biggest moments in his stories purely cinematic and dialogue free.) I don’t know what other music could have captured the feeling and delicacy of Jeff Bridges’ experience of being between life and death better than Gorecki. It’s still awesome.

“Your Brain is Pretty”

This is something a man, no matter how much in love, ever says to a woman. (Trust me.) But everyone’s brain is gorgeous.

Carl Schoonover, who is a Columbia University student hoping to shortly become Dr. Carl Schoonover, curates a cool book of images of the brain that have never been compiled in one place before, Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century. Children of all ages can appreciate a good picture book.

I wonder if dark and ugly thoughts look any different than thoughts of unicorns. I bet they do.

This, BTW, is a hippocampus which helps us all with long-term memory and spatial navigation.